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The City’s new hub for on-river activities and services including a cross-river ferry service and Seaforce powerboat rides, Come down and enjoy all the Clyde has to offer.<\/P>\n

Kelvin Harbour and Slipway<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/B><\/P>\n


Kelvin Harbour<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/B><\/P>\n

Kelvin Harbour is<\/SPAN> located in <\/SPAN>tidal waters<\/SPAN> to the west face of the new Riverside Museum<\/SPAN>. Kelvin Harbour is <\/SPAN>intended for public use under the supervision of The Tall Ship. <\/SPAN>Mariners wishing to visit The Tall Ship are welcome to use Kelvin Harbour pontoons for free up to a maximum of four hours thereafter visiting vessel charges apply, please see tariffs below.<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n

Kelvin Harbour visitors are asked to call ahead on 0141 357 3699 before arrival for instructions.<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n


Berths available for small craft up to 9 meter please call for more details<\/SPAN>.<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n



Slipways users:<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/B><\/P>\n

The slipway is part of Kelvin Harbour and is located to the west face of the new Riverside Museum within their grounds and is intended for public use under the supervision of The Tall Ship. The slipway is suitable for craft up to 7 tons with draft of 2 metres or less and situated in tidal waters. Boat owners launching vessels may use Kelvin Harbour pontoons while they remove and collect vehicles and trailers. Jetskis are prohibited upstream of the Erskine bridge by Clydeport Authority and cannot use the slipway.<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n



Kelvin Harbour and SlipwayTariffs:<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/B><\/P>\n


Visiting vessels<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/B><\/P>\n

Vessels up to 9m overall: £10 for 6 hours<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/SPAN><\/P>\n

Vessels up to 9m overall: £18 per 24 hours<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n

 <\/SPAN>Mariners with vessels over 9 metres please call for tariffs<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n


Using Kelvin harbour Slipway<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/B><\/P>\n

Launching vessels: £12 per vessel this covers launch and retrieval.<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n


For all enquires please call The Tall Ship on 0141 357 3699<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/B><\/P>\n