A time-line of the main events of Glenlee's history are shown below.  More detail can be found in the illustrated book 'Glenlee' available in the Gift Shop. 




3rd December 1896 - Glenlee launched from Anderson Rodger's Bay Yard in Port Glasgow. 


March 1898 ship sold to the Islamount Sailing Ship Co. of Dundee, owned by Robert Ferguson, and renamed  Islamount


Vessel sold to the Flint Castle Ship Co. Ltd. of Liverpool, owned by Robert Thomas, a Welsh Shipowner.


20 October Islamount ends longest continuous voyage. Vessel had spent some 4,942 days at sea over 23 years. Sold to the Societa Di Navigazone Italiana Stella Di Italiana of Genoa, Italy and renamed Clarastella.  Two 220 NHP Ansaldo diesel engines fitted.


January: bought by the Royal Spanish Navy as a sail training vessel, renamed Galatea and substantially refitted for crew of over 300 men. 


Galatea makes last trans-Atlantic voyage and retired from sea-going. Continues as a shore-based training ship. Has sailed 181,000 nautical miles and spent 2,080 days at sea under the Spanish flag.


Galatea dry docked and prepared for tow to Guadalquivir River, Seville, for Expo '92. Project fails.


30 June Galatea purchased by the Clyde Maritime Trust 


Galatea returns to the River Clyde 9 June 1993.   On 6 July 1993 name Glenlee is restored, registered in Glasgow.


July: Glenlee star attraction at Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race at Greenock.  13 August  opens to the public at Yorkhill Quay, Glasgow as a historic museum ship.


Ship has substantial refurbishment and is relocated to a fresh berth beside the new Riverside Museum at Pointhouse Quay, Glasgow. 


Above: A look around from the the Poop Deck (360)