Refurbished Cafe

Refurbished Cafe

The Mezzanine Café

Our Café has undergone a facelift.  This makes it more streamlined which improves the service.  We have also invested in our cooking equipment which means we can now offer a greater range of hot food and deliver it to your table faster.

At this time we have reduced the number of tables to make sure they are six feet apart.  This reduces our capacity but it is in the interests of your safety.

The tables are wiped down between each use with an appropriate cleaning agent.  Please wait while our staff perform this important activity.  Each table has a card on it to show whether is has been cleaned or is awaiting cleaning.  Please leave this set appripriately when you leave.

There is a water cooler in the cafe to help you hydrate.  We provide glasses with food, or you may wish to purchase a water-bottle for use as you go round the ship.

Did you know?  This area at the stern of the ship below the poop cabins was the only area below the main deck which the crew had access to.  It provided the sail locker and all the stores for the voyage.


Cafe with Screen

Cafe with Screen

Glenlee Shop

During your visit, you are welcome to purchase items either in the Shoreside Pavilion or in the the Café.  Items available include Glenlee books and pamphlets, pirate paraphernalia, nautical and Glasgow memorabilia and not forgetting Glenlee whisky. 

Glenlee whisky is specially blended for us by ACEO who also offer other rare malt whiskies for sale.

Coming Soon - our on-line shop.