Date: 05-12-22 18:00 PM

The Tall Ship Glenlee celebrates the anniversary of her launch in 1896 annually in the first week of December. This year we welcome Christopher Dobbs, from the Mary Rose Trust.

Christopher Dobbs, the Maritime Archaeologist, started his career on the Mary Rose in 1979 supervising the excavation of Henry VIII’s warship that sank in 1545.  In 1982 he joined the professional salvage team for the raising. This year the Mary Rose team have just celebrated the 40th anniversary of the raising and Chris’ lecture will give an idea of what diving on this world-famous wreck was like.

As we approach the 30th anniversary of Glenlee's return to Glasgow, we invite members of the public to share their memories with us. Whether it is hunting the rats as a child, taking part in a school workshop, celebrating significant life events onboard or even dropping in for a coffee, we want to hear them all!

The lecture will be available digitally or in person aboard the Glenlee. To book your tickets for either option, click here.