Colin Botfield, Chair of the Trust, is a Chartered Certified Accountant by profession and an ex Royal Navy Reserve Officer. He has held various civic, charitable and corporate roles including Trades House and Scottish Enterprise. Trustee since 2020.

Elizabeth Allen, Vice Chair of the Trust, has 12 years’ experience at sea on tall ships, holds a Merchant Seaman’s Discharge Book, has worked on Glenlee in various capacities since 1999, and has carried out extensive research on the ship and her crew. She serves on the Trust Ship Technical Committee and the Board of Trustees. Trustee since 2013

Captain Ron Bailey is a Master Mariner and has over thirty years of Port experience.He now acts as “Designated Person” for three Council Ports, one Trust Port and one Private berth operator and is an Assessor for the United Kingdom Harbour Masters’ Association ‘Harbour Master Certificate of Competence’. Trustee since 2012.

Frank Brown, a trained electrician, was Managing Director of a Glasgow based UK wide Forklift supplier and then owner of a business which distributed a Toyota manufactured product which became the market leader in Scotland. Trustee since 2001.

Stewart Coulter, was Depute director of Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries from 1989 and currently provides a consultancy service on disabled access. He joined the board of the Clyde Maritime Trust as Honorary Curator and member of the trust’s Museum and Education Sub-committee. Trustee since 2009.

David Denholm, currently CEO of the Clyde Maritime Centre Ltd, served for 16 years in the Army Black Watch before joining the Denholm Group as an IT Corporate Communications Manager. Former Rear Commodore for the Clyde Cruising Club and past Event Chairman for Scottish Series. Trustee since 2015.

David Paterson trained as a draughtsman then worked in the construction of large sea going bulk carriers, mainly at Lithgow’s Yard in Port Glasgow. Then area manager for Community Education with Strathclyde Regional Council, the Glasgow Life as a policy officer from 2003-8. Trustee since 1999 and current Chair of the Fundraising Committee.

Andrew Mumford is an engineer, trained in Scotts’ Shipbuilding & Engineering Company Ltd, His experience ranges from aeronautical quality assurance, offshore oil and gas drilling and production industries, and engineering and trade international operations. Trustee since 2015 and Chair of the Ship Technical Committee.

Sandy Taggart former Chartered Accountant and was formerly Hon Secretary for the Clyde Cruising Club and one of the original founders of the hulk of the Galatea and aided in the return and restoration of the ship as Glenlee. Trustee since 2006.

David Westmore is a respected marine engineer and naval architect who has been engaged on many international ship and harbour projects . David is a past president of the Institute of Engineering and Shipbuilding in Scotland, IESIS, and also a Trustee of Trades House of Glasgow. Trustee since 2019.

Mandy Breen is a practising solicitor specialising in commercial and civil work based in Glasgow and London. Mandy is also a keen sailor based out of Largs. Trustee since 2021

Steve Garven is a commercial diving contractor working on marine and oil and gas. He is also a court approved experienced adjudicator, arbitrator and expert witness who has worked internationally. Trustee since 2021

Fiona Greer was a formerly spent 8 years working for the Tall ship from 2004-2012. Fiona has also spent time in fundraising and management roles at Ocean Youth Trust and Canals Association and has a keen interest in maritime heritage. Trustee since 2021

Meirion Thomas is currently an account director with Arcadis with significant experience in business development and strategy operating in the rail and power sectors. Meiron is also a marine engineer and member of Royal Navy Sailing Association. Trustee since 2021