The Tall Ship is OPEN to visitors.

'Good to Go'

We are accredited to the 'Good to Go' mark for COVID Preparedness.  You can view our certificate here.

Reopening Restrictions

Our primary concern is the safety of our visitors.  Therefore we are creating a system which will help you to Social-distance, allow you to sanitize your hands as required, in short to stay safe while visiting Glenlee.  We are following the advice of the Scottish Government.  If you have any concerns please tell one of our staff or let us know by email


We are not currently operating a booking system for visits.  We do have a limit of 200 visitors at any one time and if necessary we will implement a booking system.  But for the meantime please just turn up and visit.

Social Distancing

We encourage our visitors to social distance at all times when on board unless you are within a social group.  Best practice is to stay 2 metres apart, but 1 metre is allowed where additional measures are in place.  If you are wearing a face covering 1 metre separation is acceptable.  The use of face coverings is mandatory in retail areas.  i.e. in the café queue and in the Shop.  

One Way System.  We have introduced a one way system to make it easier to keep your social distancing.  One way systems are marked on the deck with an intended direction of travel.  

The markings on the deck are 2 metres apart to help you to judge your social distancing.  We wanted to make this one fathom apart.  A fathom is six feet and is the traditional nautical unit used on charts for depths.

Hand sanitising

We have made available hand sanitiser at as many points as possible.  We would encourage you to make use of these facilities wherever possible.  

Ventilation / Air Filtration

With the assistance of Museums & Galleries Scotland, we have been able to install a number of PurerCleanAir filtration units.  These provide the equivalent of an air change every 30 minutes on board.  Similar units are also in use in dental surgeries and in vaccine production facilities.

Track & Trace

We are asked by the Scottish Government to obtain information from all our visitors to support the 'Track & Trace' initiative to help eliminate Covid-19.  You are asked, for each party on board, to provide a name and either a phone number or an e-mail address (together with the number in the party).  The management of this information is covered under our data protection statement and GDPR.  Any information obtained for this purpose will be destroyed after 3 weeks (21 days).  It will only be used for the purposes stated and the only party it will be shared with is the Scottish Authorities for the purpose of managing the Covid 19 pandemic.

Areas not available under COVID Restrictions

The following areas are not suitable to be opened under COVID-19 Restrictions.  This is either because the spaces do not allow for social distancing or it is not easy to wipe down the surfaces:

  • The Cargo hold - including the soft play area, interactive displays and the cinema.
  • The Engine Room

(some of these areas may still be seen through the 360-degree images on the website.  Use the search facility to find these.)

The Café

In the café we have temporarily changed to use items that are prepared offsite and are packaged off-site.   

Our Staff

Our staff are provided with suitable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).  For the most part our staff will wear visors rather than masks or face-coverings.  This helps with communication, allowing anyone with hearing problems to lip read. There are times when our staff may wear both face coverings and visors.  All café staff will wear gloves.

We hope that this will help you have an enjoyable visit to Glenlee.