1.    Available in the shop or online

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3.    Other publications about Glenlee

Debiles, Miguel, 1990, The Stuff of Heroes, (Madera de héroe), translated from Spanish original by Frances M. López-Morilla, Pantheon Books, New York. Debiles is a leading figure of the post Civil War literary generation of ’36. The tale is told during the Spanish Civil War: Gervasio joins the navy and goes to sea in Galatea: it follows closely the experience of Debiles who volunteered as a naval volunteer in 1938. ISBN 0-394-57746-9.

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4.    Some official archive records of Glenlee

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5.   Relating to Glenlee as Galatea, in Spanish

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6.  Film and archive sources:

Raza: Espíritu de una raza (1942), Directed by José Sáenz de Heredia (DVD), Madrid, Divisa Ediciones c2002, ed. especial coleccionista incluye las dos versions de 1941 y 1950. To be found in St Andrews University Library.  106 minutes. Described as a propaganda film in support of Franco during the Spanish Civil War, features Galatea.

Pathe News and other examples are to be found of Galatea and her crew during her time as part of the Spanish navy see

7.  Other Publications

Bestic, Captain A.A.   'Kicking Canvas'  Autobiography of the authors time on board 'Denbigh Castle'.  Bestic transferred to 'Islamount'.