Posted: 17/04/2021 12:46:07

The Team at the Tall Ship are delighted to release a new website to support all things Glenlee and our other activities.  At its heart is the celebration of the unique maritime heritage asset that is the GlenleeGlenlee will be 125 years old later this year.

The site supports not only Glenlee but also our related activities of Learning Visits, Venue hire and Kelvin Harbour.  For example you can find the Kelvin Harbour Rules and much useful information about launching from the slip.  Also more information about Learning Visits and how to hire the ship for a unique event.

The new website has much improved forms allowing readers to provide much more information so we can better support you the visitor.  There is also detail on the new opening hours.

The Glenlee pages have been overhauled and now have 360 degree photographs of many of the locations around the ship.  There will be more to come. (Search for '360')

The new website is adaptable and so will now support viewing on mobile phones and tablets.  The work is not completely over as we still hope to put items from our shop for sale on on-line.

Please let us have any feed back and we hope it helps you to engage with Glenlee

We would also like to say thank you to the team at Parachute Digital for the help in getting this website live