Glenlee was built in 1896, at a time when little thought was given to disabled access. Most of the ship is accessible but there are some areas where this can not be provided without damaging the fabric of the vessel. To view 360-degree images of parts of the ship that are not accessible by lift, please visit the Looking Around Glenlee page.

While we do have a lift onboard, we would advise visitors who will need to use the lift, to phone in advance.

All wheelchair users or visitors using mobility aids, who wish to go below decks using the lift, must consent to being transferred to an evac chair if an emergency occurs. 

Due to the tidal nature of the Clyde, the ship may not be accessible during extreme high and low tides which results in dramatic angles of the entrance and exit gangways. 

Throughout the ship, we ask that you take care when moving around. Ship staircases are traditionally very steep, so please hold on, and if necessary go down the stairs backwards. Glenlee is floating and can move a little in waves or wind.  Please be aware of this and again, be careful.

There are toilets on board, including accessible and baby changing facilities. While we do not have a Changing Places toilet, there is one next door at the Riverside Museum.

Visual Story

Our visual story is designed to help children and young people prepare for their visit. It contains text and pictures to ensure all visitors know what they may see and experience during a visit to the ship. This is available here as a PDF or here as an adaptable PowerPoint


Large Print Interpretation

If you require our interpretation in large-print format, please ask at our ticket pavilion, or download here as a Word document or download here as a pdf.


Sensory Backpacks

As well as being exciting, a visit to the Glenlee can be overwhelming for some of our younger visitors, particularly those with sensory perception conditions. There are four backpacks available for families to use while onboard. Inside there are ear defenders, emotion cards, a soft animal toy and fidget toys. There is also a copy of our visual story included. We require a deposit when picking up which will be returned when dropping off, once the contents have been checked. To book one of these backpacks, please email


For more access information please visit our AccessAble page

For additional information or feedback, please contact Lauren Henning, our Learning and Museum Manager -, 0141 3309077, The Tall Ship Glenlee, 150 Pointhouse Place, Glasgow, G3 8RS

Above all - Enjoy your visit!